Tools for Equitation – Live sign up 7 t/m 10 Juli 2024

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Are you curious about what riding with balls, bands, sponges, stirrups and more can do for your seat, posture and movement? Or do you already ride with these tools and are you looking for more information and new exercises? Or are you an instructor and would you like to know more about the use of these types of tools? Then this online course is definitely for you!

By applying tools in your riding, you’ll improve

  • Awareness, so that you feel what is happening in your body
  • Balance, so you can effortlessly follow your horse’s movements
  • Stability, so that you develop an independent, safe and quiet seat
  • Symmetry, so that you exercise both sides of yourself and your horse equally
  • Coordination, so that you get more response from your horse with less aids
  • Mobility, so you can move smoothly in all gaits

These positive changes are part of changes in the rider’s nervous system as a result of riding with balls, bands and sponges. This creates new movement patterns that help the rider to sit more quietly and follow movements more easily; an independent seat

In this course, you’ll become acquainted with the unique approach to rider feeling through the use of tools:

As a rider, coordination is an important link in communication with your horse. Coordination is largely determined by the extent to which your nervous system can produce movements and adapt to changes in the horse’s movements. More information for your nervous system creates better navigation in your brain.

We’ll discuss the theory behind the different tools. We delve into the different ways in which you can use them and how you can do this in a responsible manner. We compare different types and brands, so that you know what to look for if you want to use tools yourself.

We’ll start with our introduction to the balls and sponges. You will learn how and where you can use these tools to achieve optimal results. We discuss various problems with posture and sitting and how we can solve them. Why we would pick one tool over another and how you know which one to use most effectively. In addition, we do various exercises on the ground with and without balls to achieve even faster results on your horse.

Later we start working with the bands and other aids. We do exercises on the ground to activate the different muscle slings and improve the rider’s feeling.

The price of this workshop is only 300 Euro’s.

This course is held online on Zoom
Monday 7 July 2024, 7pm-10pm CET
Tuesday 8 July 2024, 7pm-10pm CET
Wednesday 9 July 2024, 7pm-10pm CET
Thursday 10 July 2024, 7pm-10pm CET

Replays of the recordings are available for 30 days

If you are located in the Netherlands or Belgium, it is possible to sign up as a demo rider for one or more nights. You’ll be experiencing the use of these tools yourself on our JOKER the Horse Simulator. If you want to apply to be there live, sign up through ordering here.

The use of balls, bands and sponges in this course is essential. You don’t have to have all, but at least you’ll need some. We do offer a starter kit which includes these products, but we only ship in Europe. If you are interested let me know when you sign up.

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