1 June 2021: Webinar Motor Preferences for Franklin Method Equestrian, introduction (English)

8,26 Incl. BTW




During this 2 hour online workshop we’ll talk about motor preferences for equestrians, so called Motor Preferences.

Did you know you are born with a preffered style of moving. This is closely related to your style of learning and is derived from the MBTI personality test. What does this have to do with Franklin Method Equestrian? Well, these motor preferences also seem to have a link with certain imagery taught by the Franklin Method.

During this 2 hour webinar we will explore the different Rider Preferences and how they relate to different Franklin Method imagery. This online workshop is great for people already familiar with the Franklin Method and use it in their teaching.

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The online workshop is at Tuesday 1 June 2021
10PM (Amsterdam), 9PM (UK), 4PM (NY)

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